Here at first and foremost chiropractic we provide our patients with a warm and welcoming service enabling them to unwind and switch off from the fast paced nature of our world today.

The wellness concept focuses on the 'complete you'.​​ All aspects of your life are assessed and professional advise is given in terms of reducing stress, perfecting work ergonomics, keeping fit and eating healthy.

Subluxation is a term used in the chiropractic field to describe a neurospinal disturbance and/or interference to the ability of our nervous system to express itself. This in turn can cause an imbalance to the body’s performance as the nervous system controls the function of the whole body and its organs. with the progression of time an uncorrected subluxation settles, the damaging effects on the nerve takes place and progressively gets worse, leading to stages of subluxation degeneration.


​​​Your central nervous system consist of your brain and spinal cord. The importance of these structures to the body is highlighted by the defence mechanisms our bodies hold. The brain is protected by a large bone called the skull while our spinal cord sits in the spinal column of the spine. Together they are responsible for relaying messages to every cell, tissue, organ and system in your body. However even with this inborn protection, our nervous system can experience interference, injury or disturbance. This damage to our nervous system is what we call subluxation. Subluxations can have devastating effects on your health and well-being.

The term subluxation is used by various health professions, however in the chiropractic realm it can be categorised into several key elements of stress. A three dimensional model encapsulates the most common forms of disturbances to the body. Physical, biochemical or emotional stress all can be causes of a subluxation. People may experience a car accident, fall, sudden jar, or trauma which can cause neurospinal damage in the physical dimension. Today poor diets, artificial sweeteners, cleaning chemicals and high fatty foods can be implicated with a biochemical type subluxation. Anxiety, relationship problems, wealth stress and job related issues are respectively common causes of an emotional disturbance to the body. Often these stresses are most overwhelming when they are experienced collectively.



For this reason our primary goal is to detect these subluxations and correct them. By doing so we are reducing the interference to your nervous system, allowing your bodies innate mechanisms to heal the body, bringing health Back to life. Wellness chiropractors aim to restore proper function and mobility to your spine and body as a whole. Dr. Jamal-Eddine uses a variety of adjustment techniques to bring forth these changes in your nervous system. Aside from the conventional manual adjustments, Dr Jamal-Eddine's experience in the use of flexion and distraction as well as drop piece technique and the use of instrumental aides all help to kick start the healing phase of your pain cycle.

As wellness practitioners we know that lifestyle stresses are strongly associated with the subluxations we experience. Therefore, we have developed the five pillars concept in which we aim to help you improve and adopt to more beneficial lifestyle habits in areas of nutrition, rehabilitation, chiro care, lifestyle changes and education. The focus is stress management as well as the immense importance of exercise in our lives.

The adjustments performed will help keep your body in alignment and allow your nervous system to continue functioning at an optimum level. The regular care and education will help you get the best out of life and slow down the degenerative process in your body in order to preserve the longevity of your spine.

Whether you are young adult looking for care that keeps you on top of your work, studies and sports or a senior looking to keep active and fit, enjoy your shopping or time with the grand children, together we will focus on bringing health Back to life. ​​

Bringing Health Back to Life
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