Seniors Chiropractic
There is a saying that "health is the most valuable asset in your life". Many of our seniors today are constantly struggling with symptoms of ageing not aware of the positive impact regular care can have. Chiropractic care can help with the rapid changes that seniors undergo with an ageing spine and body.


Safety of Chiropractic care for Seniors?
Chiropractic care is an individualised and personalised treatment regime itself. 
The greatest chiropractors alter their treatments to suit different body types.

Seniors often worry about adjustments being to strong for their weakened bones. The adjustments are tailored and modified to the extent that they are safe to use even with patients suffering from osteoporosis or lower bone mineral density.

The rehabilitation programs are easy to follow even for those who have very minimal mobility. We encourage you all to focus on an overall wellbeing giving close attention to nutrition and exercise alongside your chiropractic care. 

How chiropractic benefits you!
The nervous system goes hand in hand with the spine. Together they control and effect all your bodies actions. Tension builds up around these structures and the result is a less than optimum functioning body. The chiropractic management is there to support you by;

Reducing the amount of pain killers and anti inflammatory's needed on an everyday basis by targeting the cause of your pain and not just symptoms. 

Improving your balance and coordination to help prevent injuries and falls which are the leading cause of fractures and hospitalisation of our seniors. You can reach your full potential with aid of our customised stretching and exercise programs to increase your strength, flexibility, mobility, balance and coordination.

Improving your range of motion in the spine and extremities to help you not only feel better but move more freely as well. You can get back to the activities you love such as gardening, lawn bowls and enjoying time with family.

Decreased incidence of falling - Injuries due to falling are extremely common in the elderly population. Chiropractors reduce the risk of falls by normalizing the mechanoreceptors of the cervical spine by administering chiropractic adjustments. 

Love the healthier you when you are moving better, feeling better and enjoying a greater quality of life .
Bringing Health Back to Life
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