• Why do babies & children need chiropractic care?

You GP will thoroughly check their ears, eyes, teeth and wellbeing regularly. Chiropractors work side by side to assess the overall wellness of the babies spine and growth patterns.

Your child’s nervous system is responsible for the control of the cells, glands, muscles, organs and systems in their body. Irritation to this delicate system may affect their normal functioning or perhaps delay accomplishment of certain milestones. ​

Chiropractic care for babies and infants often is undetected as they do not present with typical symptoms like adults such as pain, restriciton in movement or inability to perform tasks. Rather their strong bodies fight with symptoms such as; 


• colic
• reflux
• sleeping difficulties
• poor feeding
• ear infections
• growing pains​​​
• irritability
• being unsettled
• difficulty with movement


Chiropractic doesn’t treat these symptoms, instead it addresses function of the spine and nervous system. A subluxation (misaligned or stuck joint) may irritate the nerves which may in turn produce symptoms. Correction of subluxation can lead to a reduction in your child’s symptoms.

Since the babies and children are constantly growing their delicate bodies require special attention, different to adults. They often can not express their feelings or explain where the pain is, that's why is important to get the right care for your child.
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