Dr. Walid Jamal-Eddine  
(Doctor of Chiropractic)
B.Medical Science, M.Chiropractic

​​​​​​​​​​Dr. Walid has completed a degree of Medical Science at the University of New South Wales and a Masters of Chiropractic at Macquarie University. He is also a member of the CAA. He is heavily involved in various sporting organisations, doing volunteer work for sides such as the Bonnyrigg White Eagles NSW premier league side, Auburn Warriors Bundaberg NRL side, Auburn Tigers AFL side, Auburn District Soccer sides and many more.

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He is proud to be part of the First & Foremost Chiropractic team as he believes each and every individual deserves the best care, regardless of their social status. This idea is central to the aim of the clinic and motivates him to becoming the best practitioner he can be.

​The reason he has chosen Chiropractic as a profession is due to the complete nature of the profession. He follows 5 fundamental principles of care when treating, focusing on;

- Chiropractic care
- ​Rehabilitation​
​- ​Nutrition
- ​Education
- Lifestyle changes

He believes when these key aspects of life are addressed , an individual is empowered with knowledge that helps them function at a greater capacity.

When he is not treating at the clinic, he is active at home. He spends quality time with his family enjoying outings and fishing. He enjoys meeting people from all walks of life. He also enjoys reading, gardening and playing sports. He is a supporter and a player at a few local sporting clubs, playing AFL, NRL and Soccer.
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