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What to expect when you visit First & Foremost CHIROPRACTIC
At First & Foremost we choose to tailor the treatment to your needs. Dr. Walid is very gentle and precise with his treatments, focusing on the chiropractic adjustments. He utilises diverse techniques to identify the best treatment that best suits you.

The clinic has recently added to their inventory a Flexion & Distraction table, used to reduce tension on the spine and increase mobility while reducing pain. It is an effective alternative to back surgery for patients who are not in great need of back surgery.
The clinic uses a mix of soft tissue techniques to help reduce the pain and increase the functionality of the muscles. The techniques include trigger point therapy, myofascial release, muscle release technique (MRT), post isometric relaxation (PIR), foam roller stretching, dry needling and cupping.​

The initial chiropractic spinal screen & consultation will take 45 minutes. Your results will be explained to you and suitable outcomes will be addressed.
On your follow up visit to the clinic you will be given a customised training program which may include some stretches, exercises or core strengthening programs.

The follow up consult will take 20-30 mins and will focus on achieving the planned goals.​ If there is a need for imagery such as X-ray's, the clinic will happily refer you to a bulk billing clinic that suits you.

​​The clinic uses the HICAPS service allowing you fast claims on the spot. We also treat all workers compensation, CTP claims and Medicare EPC claims if applicable to your situation.​
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